Life skills mastery
What a man’s mind can create, man’s character can control
— Thomas A. Edison
Mastering life skills are as important as cognitive education, and teaching life skills are the responsibility of both parents and schools. Life skills such as psychosocial, interpersonal, communication and conflict management skills equip children with the tools and ability to appropriately and responsibly make decisions commonly faced in daily life.

Developing life skills often involves critical thinking and values clarification. Acquiring mastery of these skills produces powerful behavioural outcomes. This is why it is critically important to begin teaching these skills at an early age. At MRC Learning Centres, we help your child joyously develop these necessary life skills through exciting storytelling and interactive activities. All programme comes with stories based on the “8 Golden Principles”:








With the guiding hand and mentorship of our internally trained and dedicated course instructors, students will develop important life skills such as:

• Positive mental attitude for resilience during hard times
• The ability to be flexible and adaptable for creative problem solving
• Performance and accountability for responsible discipline and life decisions
• Interpersonal skills for effective communication and mature social interaction
• Proactive skills and introspective skills for personal growth
• Leadership skills for life and career success
• Character development for a balanced, healthy and happy life
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