📣MRC JSP体验课活动正式开跑🏃‍♂❗❗ 📣Calling for MRC JSP Trial Class 🏃‍♂❗❗
📣MRC JSP体验课活动正式开跑🏃‍♂❗❗ 📣Calling for MRC JSP Trial Class 🏃‍♂❗❗

各位忙碌的爸爸👨妈妈👩您正在为下午时没有空闲照顾孩子而烦恼🤔吗?不用担心,MRC JSP为你服务!
Dear busy dads 👨 moms 👩, are you worried🤔 that you have no time to take care your children after school? No worries, MRC JSP is at your service!

我们JSP 课程巩固7至12岁的小朋友的学习成绩,让他们不落下课业进度。
We are committed to improving the academic performance of children between the ages of 7 and 12. They do not fall behind in their schoolwork progress and performance.

Why choose us? We include 👇
✅5 Main Subjects(English, Bahasa Malayu, Chinese, Mathematics, Science)
5 大主科(英语,国语,华语,数学,科学)
✅Character Building Learning
✅‘V care’ After School Care
‘V care’安亲服务
✅Talent Development

We will use the SMM Memory Map method for teaching, so that children can memorise and understand the knowledge efficiently.

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Published : 13-Mar-2024

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