Let's join our Mid-Autumn Festiral!!
Let's join our Mid-Autumn Festiral!!


为了迎接这喜庆的日子及弘扬传统民族文化和增进孩子与家长的亲子关 系,MRC Intelli Education 诚心地欢迎所有的家长和小朋友们一起参与我们的中秋晚会。
🏫Venue地点:3Q Toddlers First Garden 
请各位家长和朋友们踊跃参加,我们希望能得到更多家长的支持和配合。有意参与亲子中秋节灯笼制作 比赛及我们的中秋晚会的家长们,请WhatsApp联系我们
📞联系016-550 0391或扫描二维码,填写您的报名资料以参加中秋晚会节活动
爸爸妈妈,还有孩子们尽快在 2023 年 9 月 16 日前报名哦(因为SOP,参与活动名额有限)
🌕Mid-Autumn Festival🌕 is around the corner, in order to meet this happy occasion, pass on this traditional culture and build the parent-child relationship, We will organize a Mid- Autumn Festival celebration. All parents and friends are welcome to join us. 
The following are activities on the celebration day, details as below:
✅Tanglung Making Competition Results.🏮
✅Tanglung Parade (You have to bring your own lantern and candle)
✅Mid-Autumn Traditional Game
✅Photo Booth📷
We are here to welcome everyone join this activity. Who are interested in joining the Mid Autumn Festival Celebration, please register with us via 📞WhatsApp 016-550 0391 or scan the QRcode to register before 16/9/2023 to join.
For more information you may contact us 
016-550 0391

Published : 6-Sep-2023

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